The discovery-to-market journey is now more complex and expensive than ever before

There is an explosion of knowledge happening in pharma, but even with a slew of technological and scientific advances, how are we not witnessing a more productive R&D landscape? The cost of enduring R&D is higher than ever before, yet productivity across the industry has gone flat. This frontier has an incredible degree of complexity, and there’s no defined path or platform towards complete data integration, harmonization, and accessibility. 
This Winter, join us in a focused discussion to address the most pressing industry challenges. With leaders coming from both big pharma and small, this Summit will present the most actionable solutions to streamline data management, simplify vendor qualification and partnership, bring a higher level of  functionality to the lab, and tackle many more topics surrounding informatics' key role in reseraching, developing, and then commercializing new and novel therapeutics. 

Learn to Leverage the Modern Lab:


Quantify the tools used within the lab while incorporating built-in flexibility in order to maximize your resources


Anticipate the benefits of the pre-competitive space in pulling resources together to save time and lower costs


Enable your technicians & scientists to further advance through increased data visibility


Best practices for externalization of your CRO's and creating one standard stream of communication


Global harmonization of your different sites in order to create a standardized system of sharing data


Manage and properly utilize the volume & velocity of data collected through automation

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Leading Event Speakers

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New Focus Areas

Interactive Sessions


Integrate your fragmented infrastructure to allow for innovation and discovery

Real Situation Analysis


Increase your predictive analytical capabilities to decrease cost and time of clinical trials

ISO Technical Committee


Streamline tech-transfers and processes to reduce bottlenecks and delays

Networking Opportunities


Create a transparent data architecture to harmonize validation and regulatory submissions

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